QuickVest was founded by two friends, Rich & Dustin, who decided that there was a need in the marketplace for (SAFESimple, Affordable, Flexible and Effective solution for the average person’s everyday body armor defense. 

Being involved within the shooting community, it became clear to Rich and Dustin that there were a growing number of every day consumers who want emergency armored defense protection but didn’t know where to start and what to buy. Without training and experience in the shooting community, these answers simply alluded most people until now. 

The QuickVest Solution

We developed QuickVest to address this growing need in the market by producing emergency armored protection that the average consumer can now easy use without training and afford at minimal costs. Most people today would never ride a bike without a helmet and our goal is to provide the same type of protection to people who own firearms and those who want to want to better protect themselves from them in emergency situations. QuickVest is simple emergency armor protection for all people from every walk of life.